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Mass Text Alert System

In an effort to ensure team member awareness, improve efficiency and deliver real-time advisories, vital information, as well as Leadership directives, the Emergency Operations Center will generate Mass Text Alerts.  These automated messages will be disseminated via your personal mobile device and will originate from sender: LEG_EOC.

This communication option is available in the event our network systems and/or main phone lines are not functioning and information is required to be distributed to all Lewis Energy Group team members.

The message format will typically be as follows:

"(San Antonio) (Loss of power at Union Square I - delayed report to work until 10 a.m.)"

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Medical Emergency Response Plan

Lewis Energy Group Medical Emergency Response Plan

Team Members are reminded that in the event of a medical emergency or critical incident, always dial 9-1-1.  However, once able or aware of any serious medical condition, a facility or natural hazard or the threat of imminent death or serious bodily harm please contact the Lewis Energy Emergency Operations Center (E.O.C.) at (210) 384-5000 so that we can alert affected team members and respond appropriately.  


The E.O.C. maintains an Automated External Defibrillator (A.E.D.) device and has immediate access to first aid supplies and other equipment.  We are trained and equipped to deploy each in the event of a medical emergency or incident.


The locations of each First Aid station on each floor operated by L.E.G. are as follows:     

  • 7th: Main Kitchen & Geology Kitchen  

  • 10th: Kitchen 

Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Hotline


Call the hotline to report fraud, waste, abuse of our company resources, or anything that negatively affects our company. This may include:

  • theft

  • harassment

  • discrimination

  • unethical behavior

Note that you may elect to remain anonymous when talking to the operator. It helps if we can discuss these concerns directly with you, but fully understand if you want to keep your name out of the situation. You can also discuss such behaviors and observations with your supervisors, managers, HR or any executive within the company.


LEG has a policy of non-retaliation when reporting acts that are unlawful, or that violate our policies.

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Emergency Operations Center

The EOC helpline is available 24/7.


Report an incident/accident, emergency, road/weather conditions, assistance with company vehicles, SA badge access or after hour assistance call 210-384-5000 or .

Badges and Pool Vehicles

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