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The Facilities Department is Here to Support You!

The Facilities Department is the Lewis Energy Group organization responsible for the construction, maintenance, and repair of all “facilities” owned and operated by LEG and its associated companies as well as those facilities owned and operated by GlacierCap Management and its associated companies.


All facilities have an assigned “Facility Liaison” who is responsible for interfacing with the Facilities Department to ensure their facility is well maintained and supported and that the needs of all the users of the facility are met. The list below contains some of the many items that the Facilities Department is tasked with maintaining, repairing, and operating.

Facilities Processes

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Learn more on our Facilities Support Process

Service Items

Audio Visual Systems & Equipment



Construction Warranty

Custodial Services/Supplies

Data Cabling

Electrical Systems

Athletic Equpment Purchase

Athletic Equipment Repairs


Building Exterior Facade

Fences and Gates

Furnishings/File Systems

Painting/Wall Repairs

Pest Control

Fire Alarms/Life Safety Issues


Furniture Repair

Grounds/Landscape Maintenance


HVAC/Mechanical Systems

Interior Design/Furnishing/Artwork

Irrigation Systems

Kitchen Appliances or Equipment


Fitness Services & Equipment


Security Systems/Access Control

Waste Management Services

Office and Copy Supplies

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